Jul 052017
5 reasons why UK needs apathy like an elephant needs a power station

When we get close to a tragedy, we see ourselves for what we are … people who care, who love one another.

Jun 092017
Our Broken Land - a Feary Tale of Politics, Greed and Deceit

A feary tale is like a fairy tale only scary and all too real. 

Dec 202016
Brexit, crossroads of confusion: built by a parcel of ignorant, inept, dishonest rogues

Do I believe in Brexit? NO
Do I believe in Bremain? NO
The trap is believing in either. We need factual, clear and objective thinking before opting for any course of action.

Nov 132016
Politics Goes West — Quite Literally if we're not Careful

How can we help each other tap into the well of human kindness and respect? Could that change the world?

May 262015
Short-term Culture = Long-term Problems

‘Life—the way it really is—is a battle not between good and bad, but between bad and worse’ Joseph Brodsky It’s short-term culture that causes long-term problems … discuss Our new Tory government are back on the rollercoaster with a “mandate” … or … 37% of the vote from 65% of the eligible-to-vote population (or 24.1% of the eligible).  We may […]