Jan 312018
Who Harvests the Magic Money Tree?

We’re broke, the system’s broke and our leaders have no understanding or competence in fixing things.

Jul 142017

… there is huge potential in our public sector people. There is no justification for devaluing a national asset – our human capital.

Jul 052017
5 reasons why UK needs apathy like an elephant needs a power station

When we get close to a tragedy, we see ourselves for what we are … people who care, who love one another.

Jan 082017
He speaks expert sense  … has he studied the seven social evils?

What did Michael Gove say that may brighten his and the Tory legacy?

Dec 042014
Spanking Banking, a promise made

Spanking Banking … on the cusp of change G’day, my name is Bruce, I’m the Mathematical Professor of Hydrodynamics at the University of Woolahmaloo. This is my Associate Professor, Charlie, he’s in charge of the sheep-dip. There’s an angry public out there. Hardly surprising I suppose. The intention is brand spanking new banking but things are […]

Sep 132013
A Bolting Horse on the Road to Damascus

Where might things be going right? This is a tad different to the usual strident cry for investigation and retribution.