Writer’s Ego Massaged

it's gonna hurt bad

SOMETIMES THE UNEXPECTED makes you happy and a massaged ego is great. This review came in, unexpected, and with permission, I share it. 

Miserable day reading

Sunday here was a miserable day so settled down in the afternoon with Angels Cut, although looking forward to reading it I was delayed for several reasons including a family bereavement.

After the first few pages I was totally hooked from the Troubles to the modern day corruption. I recommenced reading yesterday accompanied by a very large very old Macallan (don’t know how Sam could prefer Talisker) and finished the book about one a.m. this morning. 

Refreshingly different

Angels Cut front coverI am an avid reader of Cussler and Child but found this book so refreshingly different and fast paced that I couldn’t put it down having to find out the outcome as the twists and sub plots were so well thought out and surprising. The characters were all believable and I think the dialogue was probably the most natural I have come across in any novel. The short chapters certainly added to the fast pace and didn’t allow you to forget any of the many characters.

Exciting writing

I believe that your description of the journey from Carlisle north, both the country side and the graphic chase and action is one of the best pieces of exciting writing I have read also am now a great fan of Tonka.

I found Sam’s retirement ‘calling’ strange though, as his life as an under cover operative and killer to a Minister of the Kirk yet able to return to his previous existance with no hang ups. Certainly different but at the same time interesting.

You have a great gift Mac, the ability and opportunity to ‘kick ass’ under the umbrella of fiction and entertain your reader at the same time. I would never have found Sam without knowing Bill and am grateful.

Bring it on

My only disappointment in the book is that it finished too soon.

I have now ordered Dark Art and looking forward to joining up with Sam and Eilidh again with expectation.

May 2019 – GR, UK