Jul 052017
5 reasons why UK needs apathy like an elephant needs a power station

When we get close to a tragedy, we see ourselves for what we are … people who care, who love one another.

Jun 162017
9 Reasons for an Establishment Squeaky-Bum – Can UK Reach Escape (the past) Velocity? VIDEOS

The puppeteers (press, politicians, ideologues) pull our strings, fuel our rage, invite blame and ill-considered aggression against innocents and the weak. Who are these manipulators? Must they go unchallenged?

Jun 142017
7 Big Aspirations for an Amazing Future … Arise Amazing UK, please-please-puleeze

The lying, dissembling and fraud continues as the bubble tries to self-repair. How weird they all look from this side of the green tinged plastic.

Jun 092017
Arise Amazing Country – 7 Big Aspirations for an Amazing Future

My heart is light and my hopes high. The bubble’s burst … long live fresh air.

Jun 092017
Our Broken Land - a Feary Tale of Politics, Greed and Deceit

A feary tale is like a fairy tale only scary and all too real. 

May 192017
Brexit: Heading for a Cliff with a Parcel of Rogues at the Wheel

Ignorant, inept, dishonest … Back in December, Andy a friend from the USA sent me a question (this is a slight update): “Seeing your post reminded me that you haven’t commented on Brexit. Do you support it, hate it, fear it, neutral about it?” Tough ask, Andy. Believe it or not? Do I believe in Brexit? No. […]

Feb 252016
Can We Make U-Turn on the Road to Perdition?

We moan, grumble, rant, rage and then do nothing. Why? Are we powerless?

Sep 042015
Trouble in the Bubble

Bubble? What Bubble? The Westminster Bubble of course. You know, the place where the UK politicians who aspire to ‘serve’ us expend phenomenal energy and effort on our behalf. We elect our leaders. That’s what democracy is all about. Err … well … I suppose that’s where Bubbles may rise also. Sometimes reminiscent of flatulence in a bath […]