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meet Mac Logan

Meet author, Mac Logan

Hi, I’m Mac Logan, author of the Angels’ Share series. Thanks for reading my work.

Corruption, Crime and Establishment mischief

Short of spending a lifetime in jail, a vengeance trail of murder and mayhem has few acceptable alternatives. Writing is one of them.

Sad to say, the pursuit of evil people may end in tragedy for both sides of an investigation. Tears can trickle down my cheeks, as I write — my world as a writer is real to me.

Crime fiction provides a means of pursuing nasty people with satisfying, imaginative robustness. My thrillers offer a sense of recourse against corrupt people and cadres who screw us and steal our money.

Pay back?

Even though such people hurt me in the past, I wish them no harm. In fact, at one level I’m grateful to such deceivers for providing, as they do, the basis of The Angels’ Share series. It’s good to have a solid foundation for fiction: rooted in grievance and amplified by a surging (if somewhat graphic) imagination.

Private life

I love family, cooking, good company, banter, sport, fun, and an occasional drop of ‘The Cratur’. I live in the beautiful East Neuk of Fife, Scotland.

Blog, prose, poetry and all that

Macs blog buttonWriting is part of me. My efforts started in childhood. It took me many years to admit I’m a poet. Could it be a man thing?

It seems I’m approaching 160 blogs … can I be that old?

Articles and stuff

With many articles published, often on business and the human side of work, I changed direction a few years back. Tired of the dry-stuff, my muse hauled me into writing: thrillers, poetry, business and Celtic tales.

That’s entertainment

As an author who aims to entertain, I’m eager for feedback. Your views on any aspect of my work are important to me. Please do get in touch.

I’m a Member of the Society of Authors and the Crime Writers Association.

Community Action

I am Chairman of the Colinsburgh Galloway Library Trust in the East Neuk of Fife, Scotland. We aim to build:

“A welcoming, innovative library that meets the needs and aspirations
of all members of our community irrespective of age, background, interests and needs.

We extend a warm welcome to visitors.”

 © Mac Logan

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