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Angels’ Share series faces realityDo you enjoy writers like Lee Child, Robert Crais, James Patterson, Stieg Larsson? … then you’ll love the Angels’ Share series, even if it’s a darker take on the whisky version.

In a very competitive field this stands out. Well done Mac Logan! hillbank68 – Amazon Top 500 reviewer

links like these tell a story …

UK Government Procurement, PPI, Panama, LIBOR, Volkswagen, FIFA, ToshibaUS Navy to name a few …

Are they the tip of an iceberg? How many more examples of waste, fraud and incompetence are out there? Questions like these challenge investigators and scare cheats and criminals.

Imagine you’re in public office and know about wrong doing. Would you stand up against wicked pressure?

head on, full on

The Angels’ Share series crashes, head-on, into the sad reality of Establishment corruption, greed and cover–up.

The story is human, the violence realistic and the context shameful. It’s a human tale of greed, danger and strong friendships.

Passionate, romantic love lights the story yet there’s a dark side too.  Vitriolic hatred burns, twists minds and permits criminality in areas you might not expect. It makes for a fearsome world out there.

if you like monstrous villains, you’ll love the Angels’ Share series,

151209 ACAngels’ Cut

Angels’ Cut is more than a British detective thriller. Angels’ Cut widens into breathtaking action as it exposes the cruel realities of high-level corruption and cover–up.

An investigation gains traction, and pressure mounts, as a detailed dossier of criminal activity in the Establishment remains lost  … find out more

151209 DA

Dark Art

Dark Art: Corruption, crime, amazing characters and lethal international action in London, France, Northern Ireland, Scotland and the USA.

Where is the dossier the criminals want destroyed? How can the investigators be silenced? The pace never lets up.  find out more

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Devils’ Due: Closed doors hide deadly secrets but will they be shut forever? Whatever the answer, there’s a price to pay. Devil’s Due  is coming soon. Read a sample


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