Mac Logan

Hi, I'm Mac Logan, Nice to meet you. There are three main sections in this bio: ME THE ANGELS' SHARE SERIES WHY I WRITE THE ANGELS' SHARE SERIES Thanks for dropping by. ABOUT ME... Born in Scotland, I lived in the UK, Canada and USA by the time I was twelve. School and I didn't get on too well so I left early, found work, and wound up as a shepherd on the Isle of Mull off the West Coast of Scotland. The beauty of the landscapes; wild shores, rough-hewn mountains and lusty weather fills my heart still. The physical demands and athleticism of the work, made life as spiritual as it gets ... except for one thing ... the farmer's wife. She regarded me as a traditional farm servant and treated me accordingly. If she'd given me a teeny-weeny drop of TLC, I think I'd have been there yet; but she didn't, and I left. Starting on the shop floor in a factory, in Aberdeen, I learned massive respect and love for "ordinary" people. The fun, rawness and honest-to-goodness decency of my co-workers warms me yet. Of course, as I gained promotion and eventually became a senior executive, I learned about the deceitful, dissembling and ugly side of business life. I founded my own business in 1984 as an Organisational Development and Change Advisor (helper). Why advisor?; you may ask. The presumption of consultants having "right" answers is unhelpful in the human side of work. No two organisations are the same. (The prescriptive, mechanistic approach advocated by modern HR often misses the point as well as the hearts and minds. If you want to know more contact me. There is related writing in the pipeline ...) My working-life adventures continued when I founded a company to help my brother and another software developer get their technology to market. We grew quickly. As CEO I experienced the cruelty, ineptitude and blunt trauma of dealing with public sector procurement as the leader of a small business. We won major contracts, delivered exceptional quality and value. And ran up against a harsh world, I hadn't expected to find, where high performance wasn't the criteria for success. By 2007 I had burnt out. These experiences led me to write The Angels' Share series. There is more information at ( With over twenty articles published - some even paid for! I'm a charity trustee, a non-executive director in an software company; Organisation Development and Change facilitator (; volunteer crisis advocate for people with learning difficulties and, of course, a writer. I love family, cooking, good company, banter, sport, fun, and an occasional drop of 'The Cratur'. *The Angels' Cut* and *Dark Art* published. *The Devil's Due* will be released in Q2 2014 and *How to Sort Out People Who Waste Your Time* (not too serious - self help - non-fiction) in the New Year. THE ANGELS' SHARE SERIES If you're prepared to lie, cheat and browbeat ... narcissism, bullshit and bullying goes a long way. And, it's a fast track to the top. Such people will do anything to stop their wickedness being exposed. The greater the evil, the more vicious the reaction. A person, with capability and will, can uncover the badness. For them, there are no sleeping dogs. Death and evil may come a-stalking a person or people who might expose corruption, and the people involved, for what they are. In *the Angels Cut*, Eilidh is on the treacherous twisting trail of a criminal conspiracy. At the dark heart of The UK Establishment she discovers BIZZ, a business-like operation built on avarice, corruption, the abuse of power and government protection. Sam Duncan is unaware of a merciless criminal operation gunning for him and closing as fast as the express train taking him to London. When he gets there Eilidh is gone. Sam digs and probes using detective skills he learned in covert intelligence, and plummets into a malicious criminal web of confusion, betrayal and stunning evil. Danger mounts as Sam grapples with BIZZ, a cabal of slippery foes from British organised crime, banking, government agencies, politics and compromised intelligence services. Can Sam once more become the lethal warrior from his past? Backed by is special forces minder, Tonka, he's going to find out. Across the USA, Europe and the UK, Sam Duncan squares up to BIZZ, a murderous alliance of power, greed, corruption and betrayal, to protect those he loves. *Dark Art* starts where *The Angels' Cut* leaves off. Sam Duncan and Tonka plunge into a lethal escalation of the battle against BIZZ, a monstrous global confederacy of business, organised crime, bankers, officials and politicians. The trail leads to Europe, and the USA, where Sam and Tonka are joined by a mysterious woman. They search for a missing dossier as BIZZ pulls out all the stops to interdict them. A sprinkling of dark humour keeps the pot boiling. BIZZ watches, a deadly spider in a self-serving web, ready to obstruct and murder at will. Just what do you have to do overcome a vicious, unprincipled foe? In a wild final confrontation Sam is going to find out ... WHY I WRITE THE ANGELS' SHARE SERIES I have no wish to inflict physical punishment or damage on other people, no matter how evil. However, writing offers a way to take an emphatic 'pop' at the corrupt, self-serving swine who steal our money, crush human spirit and get away with it. We read about them in the press every day. Me, I exact redress through thrillers, where I can visit mayhem on bad people with graphic robustness. The collateral damage to innocents in my stories is, of course, to be regretted. This then is the basis of The Angels' Share series: fiction rooted in grievance and amplified by a surging imagination. THANKS FOR YOUR INTEREST Thanks for reading this far, I hope we'll stay connected for a long time to come. It's great to build a relationship with my readers. I'm always delighted to hear from you.

Mar 192018
Settled Will? Anybody Seen One?

With all the fog, you have to ask a question, what is the truth? What’s in our best interests? Then with mounting concern, do any of these people know? Finally, with sadness, how many in the Bubble actually, care?

Mar 192018
Settled Will, Ain't That the Truth …

Don’t you love the way politicians from both major parties talk about “The settled will of the British people”? If our will was settled Jacob Rees Mogg wouldn’t attack Hilary Benn. And the Brexit Select Committee would stand undivided. Thus, reading the news makes it clear that there is no settled will. Inside and outside the bubble the factions are still at war.

Mar 152018
The Meek Shall Inherit the Dearth (video)

“The meek shall inherit the dearth.” Our leaders implemented ”Austerity”. In fact, they promised the misery would cure our crash-related problems. As it turns out, they got it wrong, missed their deadline and hammered the meek.

Jan 312018
Who Harvests the Magic Money Tree?

We’re broke, the system’s broke and our leaders have no understanding or competence in fixing things.

Oct 082017
How to Enter the Kingdom of Heaven - Politicians Guide (video)

Kingdom of heaven? yes, please … Who wouldn’t want a free pass to the kingdom of heaven? Who can deny times are tough for UK politicians (maybe the USA and elsewhere too)? Locked in their bubble, will they do more-or-less anything for power? When they run out of ideas, who can they turn to? Where […]

Oct 052017
Does the Magic Money Tree Need Pruning?

Magic Money Tree? My problem lies in reconciling my gross habits with my net income. – Errol Flynn. Poor old Errol can’t have had a Magic Money Tree. Why should we worry about runaway costs in our Government spending? The Magic Money Tree copes, doesn’t it? Ask the DUP. Billions of loss and wastage, never […]

Oct 032017
Playing in the Public Spending Money-Pit

Money-Pit A public spending money-pit is sticky, like the La Brea tar pits, … and you don’t get change. What about the recent Big Ben repairs? Imagine, the cost doubles to £61M and we hear hushed words explaining that a “better understanding” of the situation (after the fact) is the reason the costs doubled. History […]

Oct 032017
Crime Writer Mac Logan Reads in Edinburgh (video)

I arrive at the Canons’ Gait and it’s downstairs to the cellar bar. Of course, it’s suitably claustrophobic for crime writers reading about dark crime and blood-curdling murder.

Aug 142017
Vive la Difference - and why not?

Vive la difference? Of course, we could say there are differences and there are … differences. For instance, I’m a Scot and many of my readers aren’t. As a result, there may be positive or negative views of me. Imagine if you were trans.

Aug 042017
Semi-colonic anguish hurts

Semi-colonic anguish? Semi-colonic anguish sounds awful, like a disease … how apt. Does it affect authors? Here is a lesson in creative writing. First rule: Do not use semicolons. All they do is show you’ve been to college.” Kurt Vonnegut Jr A while back, with much excitement, I discovered the semicolon unaware of the adventure […]