Oct 082017
kingdom of heaven

Kingdom of heaven? yes, please …

Who wouldn’t want a free pass to the kingdom of heaven? Who can deny times are tough for UK politicians (maybe the USA and elsewhere too)? Locked in their bubble, will they do more-or-less anything for power? When they run out of ideas, who can they turn to? Where are excellent examples of best practice? Two-year-olds? Pull the other one …

Need a sign?

In all honesty, this isn’t a religious piece. Of course, there are helpful ideas in religious texts from many faiths. However, when things get tough and help needed … from Theresa May’s cough sweet to BoJo facing wide criticism, where can they turn? Many in the west claim a strong Christian faith at critical points in their public communications. Some may detect a dichotomy or even hypocrisy in such talk. Did Jesus want 4 million children in poverty in the UK when He said suffer the little children … Does the Lord say balancing the books is more important than people?

Yes please, give me a sign

Imagine politicians, needing help, feeling alone and with only one last place to turn. Finally, driven by fear, knees pressed into a thick pile carpet, knuckles clamped together and whitening after a good look into the abyss, they pray, “Give me a sign, oh Lord, the kingdom of heaven sounds good to me, I swear. I want to join. Okay, okay in spite of looking … err … if I can’t see a sign, how about a clue?

Truly I tell you, unless you change and become like little children, you will never enter the kingdom of heaven. Christian Bible NIV Matthew 18

What a clue, a clear statement of how to get in to the kingdom of heaven

It’s hard to express how happy I am that one of my grandchildren and a friend, both two, know what to do? For instance, in their innocent wisdom, they carry out a difficult task together. Even more, they look out for each other. Also, spontaneous praise is given and received between them. To cap it all, they get encouragement from admiring and loving people watching them work.

And I write thrillers about corruption, greed and criminality?

I pray all criminal politicians see the light. However many haven’t or don’t and, in such cases, what better than an ordained minister hunting them down? There are alternative routes out of this hard life … even if not all of them lead to the kingdom of heaven.

© Mac Logan

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