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Angels Cut

If you like the Bourne movies and writers like Lee Child, Robert Crais & James Patterson you’ve come to the right place. With a well-researched, fast-paced style, Angels Cut is a topical conspiracy thriller.

At first glance, this is a boy’s book – with an all action hero – but Mac Logan … has come up with a book that is so much more than just an action thriller. Nelly Maggie (actor)

… an intense, gripping, intricate & beautifully written page-turner which I highly recommend. Simon Denman, best-selling (author)

The truth won’t set her free

Investigative Journalist Eilidh Duncan is on the treacherous, twisting trail of organised fraud and deception. At the dark heart of The UK Establishment she uncovers a business-like operation built on greed, police corruption, the abuse of power and ‘closed-ranks’ disinterest. In addition, they hate being discovered.

If they don’t want the light of publicity, they can easily fix it.  Push them hard enough and they’ll hurt you. And so the nightmare begins for Eilidh when she is taken.

Relaxed and unsuspecting, big brother Sam heads for London. Danger closes as fast as the express train taking him to London. He investigates using skills he learned as an intelligence operative. All hell breaks loose as he plummets into a malicious criminal web of confusion, betrayal and stunning violence.

Angels Cut is a roller-coaster ride

Angels Cut is Scottish crime and mystery writing on the big stage with an international dimension. Likewise, if you enjoy a thoughtful plot, ferocious action, and characters you’ll come to care about.

Angels’ Cut starts like a British detective thriller and widens into breathtaking conflict. Mega-crime, political conspiracy and the cruel realities of high-level corruption and cover-up means danger.

In a desperate race to save Eilidh, Sam must use all his nous, backed by his wily special-forces minder, Tonka, in this vibrant and intelligent thriller. When it gets to the wire, lives depend on the answer to a simple question … has Sam still got what it takes?


© Mac Logan

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