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buy nowIf you enjoyed the Bourne movies and writers like Lee Child, Robert Crais & James Patterson? You’ll love Angels’ Cut

Angels Cut

They take his sister, attack his family, and mean to kill himWhat’s a guy to do?

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Bizz is a greedy collusion of organised crime, banking, government, business, politicians and corrupted spooks. They’re making lot’s of money and aim to stay invisible (sound familiar?). No one gets in their way.


Eilidh Duncan uncovers a corrupt conspiracy … it’s only a matter of time
The conspirators take Eilidh … how long has she got?
Sam Duncan investigates … death stalks him
He joins some dots … KABOOM!

James WarriorJames Warrior, a respected British Actor, narrates the AUDIOBOOK.


Taken meets Bourne Identity – Fabulous!: an intense, gripping, intricate & beautifully written page-turner which I highly recommend.Simon Denman best-selling author of Connected

Hold on to your hat!: Laced with both tension, fear, humour and warmth Mac Logan writes in a fast-paced and to the point style to produce an excellent thriller.Susan Louineau best-selling author of The Chapel in the Woods

Deeper than you think…: … as the plot moved on, more parallels to Stieg Larsson became apparent. Underlying the surface appeal of this action-packed novel is a serious and passionate effort to portray very real dangers in our contemporary society. Journalists, such as Eilidh Duncan, Ai Weiwei, and Anna Politkovskaya, threaten vested interests who don’t wish their real motives to be revealed.Maryann N, Seattle, WA

“A tale of crime, corruption, friendship and family ties: Characters are believable, consistent and three-dimensional. In between Sam’s quest for truth and justice, there is still room for his family. In many ways, this is just as much a love story as it is an action and suspense one. The only way this could have worked is if the relevant characters weren’t cardboard cut-outs, otherwise I wouldn’t have cared.Martijn van Waveren exciting new author

The Angels’ Share series video intro

Mac talks about the series.

take a wild rollercoaster ride with Death shrieking alongside

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