Angels Share Series one cover-up too far


Mac Logan writesAre the people who voted for Trump and Brexit right about some aspects of the Establishment? Angels Cut, Dark Art and Devils Due will get you thinking …

Mac Logan’s Angels Share series

Angels Share Series one cover-up to far

Mac Logan knows about the grey areas where greed and corruption thrive.

go to macs blogWhat happens when a gifted investigative journalist, on the trail of an insatiable gang of thieves and fraudsters, strikes gold?

How will a corrupt cabal of business-people, bankers, politicians, officials, spooks, police and gangsters react when they find out?

Eilidh vanishes. Sam investigates. Extreme danger threatens from criminal factions infesting the Establishment in the UK and beyond.

From Scotland to London. From France to the USA. It’s a scary roller-coaster ride.


Fear makes criminals  dangerous..

When intimidation fails, homicide isn’t far away.

Grisly killings and gang violence stalk the search for Eilidh.

Brutal intimidation threatens the investigation at every turn.


Criminals attack Sam’s family and the gloves come off. There’s only one option … do unto others before they do unto you.

An old spook comes a-calling and it isn’t by accident. Sam can’t escape the past. His best hope is a deal with a the devil he knows. His world will never be the same again.

A flat-line by a hospital bed hardens Sam’s resolve.

“… a frightening insight into the Establishment driven business of crime and its horrific consequences”  Steffan Lewis

Great British writing with international action and a Celtic soul.

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