It’s gonna hurt (video)

it's gonna hurt bad

IT’S GONNA HURT – if she survives, she’ll learn something …

it's gonna hurt

EILIDH’S EXPLOSIVE DOSSIER has proof of cynical corruption and criminality lurking in dark corners of the UK Establishment. Taken, in brutal circumstances, Eilidh’s odyssey into a twilight land of despair and whimsical cruelty begins. It’s gonna hurt, bad. Can she take it?

A brutal cover-up

PEOPLE SAY – ‘it’s a cover-up’ … ’it’s one law for them and another for us’ … ‘we bale out the banks and they get the bonuses’ … Just for once, wouldn’t it be nice if someone flushed the criminals out? Well, here you go

Money, money, money

IT’S GONNA HURT because the greedy feel needy. Money is all. What price a cover-up?

FOR INSTANCE, how much do criminal insiders steal? Is this organised crime? … or is the £190 billion ($265 billion) reported in November 2017 simply fake news?

A frightening insight into the Establishment driven business of crime and its horrific consequences.“ Steffan G Lewis

Scare her off …

HER FIRST LESSON may be her last. Live long enough and she might meet her potential in a male-dominated world.

EXPECTING A HAPPY catchup with his wee sister, Sam Duncan arrives in London, but she‘s missing. In moments a pleasant visit becomes a tragedy, and soon after that, a hair-raising quest begins.

THERE’S NO LET-UP and the stakes soar as criminals attack Sam’s family and Eilidh gone. As a matter of fact, she’s in a crazy-dangerous situation, her life hanging by a slender thread. Yet, in the midst of it all, an unexpected helper is at hand … miaow.

FIND OUT MORE. Why not read all about it in SLICE, DICE and PRICE

As this book opens, it seems an exciting, and very readable, action thriller. Then as the characters are developed one is drawn in by the witty dialogue, by the fierce and touching family loyalties, and by the noble defense of the vulnerable against those who would abuse them to their own ends. Initially repelled by the violence in this novel, I felt, as in Stieg Larsson’s novels, the visceral satisfaction of seeing justice meted out to the abusers of women.” Maryann Ness WA USA

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