A cover-up too far … a killing too many … author video


Cover-up, would they? As for killing …

a cover-up too farAre US, UK and EU voters right about darker, more corrupt, aspects of the Establishment? Just how much do they cover-up?

no cover-up for macs blog linkAngels Cut grabs you, Dark Art shakes you, Devils Due rattles teeth.

If cover-ups and lies won’t do it, what about killing?

Mac Logan writes about grey areas where government, business and criminality meet — a murky breeding ground for greed and corruption. Can light penetrate this darkness?

What happens when a gifted investigative journalist, on the trail of insatiable corruption, shines a light? Eilidh builds a dossier. Culpable politicians, officials, bankers, business people and gangsters want all evidence destroyed.

“As this book opens, it seems an exciting, and very readable, action thriller. Then as the characters are developed one is drawn in by the witty dialogue, by the fierce and touching family loyalties, and by the noble defense of the vulnerable against those who would abuse them to their own ends. Initially repelled by the violence in this novel, I felt, as in Stieg Larsson’s novels, the visceral satisfaction of seeing justice meted out to the abusers of women.” Maryann Ness WA USA

From Scotland to London. From Europe to the USA. Take a scary roller-coaster ride through a dark world of greed, abuse and lust for power.

A stunning murder tips the scales

Fear makes criminals dangerous. When terrorizing fails, murder isn’t far away.

Grisly killings and gang violence stalk the search for Eilidh. Danger threatens at every turn.

A flat-line by a hospital bed hardens Sam’s resolve. An old connection comes a-calling. He can’t escape his past … perhaps he doesn’t want to.

No hiding place

Criminals track Sam’s family with evil intent. His enquiries threaten institutional corruption at the highest level. With his sister missing, his wife and kids in stark danger, what’s a guy to do? His world will never be the same again.

“Like all other reviewers, I found this book fast-paced, enjoyably unpredictable and just that bit ‘different’ from other action thrillers I’ve read. Sam Duncan is an attractive (and impressive) hero and the generally short chapters keep the book moving ; it’s page-turning stuff. The plotting is skilful and there’s enough character-building to prevent this from being merely a series of fast-moving events. In a very competitive field this stands out . Well done Mac Logan!” TOP 500 REVIEWER

Great British writing with international action and a Celtic soul. … a

“ A frightening insight into the Establishment driven business of crime and its horrific consequences”  Steffan Lewis

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